Next Few Sessions--October
Holy Crap!

The Group is Finally figuring out that this is NOT EASY!!

Each encounter with a Brood Mother is difficult and almost takes everything they have.

They have only Taken out Red, while White almost TPK’d the group.
Dorin and Urd are the only ones left standing. They manage to get out, dragging the corpses and unconscious with them.
The combination of the Spitters and White Mother’s Terrain changing Aura hit the party like an Iceburg on the Titanic!!!

Many prayers, promises and deals with various deities are made/offered.
With a LOT of aid from Bahamut—the party is ready to go at it again.
Wiser and geared with enough components to cast the renewing rituals between a couple of the encounters, the adventurers set off to finish Tiamat or themselves.

2nd Session (9-30)

The Group Meets Berath—ghostly faithful paladin of Bahamut.
And Theel—ebon-scaled Yuan-ti contact.

Between the 2 insiders—the group gets the skinny on what to expect inside Tiamat’s inner sanctum.

However, they run into a “Slight” problem just inside…..

Fountain Chamber—while arguing over how best to cut off the MultiHeaded DragonEye Disintigrators, the group is attacked by yet another Exarch of Tiamat (how the heck many DOES she have running around?), a wraith and most importantly…THE SHARD OF ANNIHILATION!!!

Which confounded and troubled the group for a bit before they finally figured out how to stop it…taking a not insignificant amount of damage in doing so. And they were then able to focus on the wraith and Dragon—taking them out.

And then deciding, based on THIS reception, that splitting up to take out the five tunnels was perhaps NOT a good idea!! (as Urd and Zolar had been saying all along!)

First session

as the group prepares to leave, a yeti presses a note into Anastriana’s hand:

Dear Liberators of Bahamut,
Even those who do not march under Bahamut’s flag
support you in your future aims. Should you meet a
solitary black figure in your upcoming journey, uttering
the word “Chuhirimasté” will earn you friendship and aid
along the way.
—An Ally of Convenience

Upon arriving in Tytherion, you can see for yourselves the utter chaos that reigns.

You barely have time to look around when you are beset by 4 large Floating ships crewed by dragonborn.
The Azharul Dominion Ships take a bit of getting used to and a bit more to chew through but Zolar, Aragon, Anastriana and Urd manage. You then wait a bit for some of the others to show up…

Last Breath of the Dragon Queen
Almost There!!

After a bit of a rest and some downtime, Bahamut meets you outside the gates to the Former City of Brass….

Hail, heroes, Bahamut intones. Though the cost was high, together we’ve dealt the Dragon Queen a grievous blow. Yet she lurks in Tytherion, and Tiamat will certainly rise again. Unless . . .Unless you can perform one final deed for me, for our army, and indeed, for all those who reject evil.

My draconic children favor elegant turns of phrase, but I’ll be blunt: I want you to kill Tiamat. Not her aspect, not her avatar, but the deity herself. Too long has her evil spread through the universe. Too long have she and I fought each other to a standstill. I believe I can get you to the vicinity of her lair. And there is such power within you . . . If anyone can defeat Tiamat in lethal battle, it is you. After a pause, Bahamut continues. As you know, I’m acutely aware of what it takes to kill a god. Among those who answered our call here in the City of Brass, no one matches your power. Look at the army you see before you. Other than you, no one here would be more than a momentary annoyance to Tiamat. Only a small group can reach Tiamat at this crucial moment. Her forces are in disarray, fleeing the Dragon Queen’s wrath and fighting one another. She has lost control of most of her followers. But look at my army. It’s in no shape to close ranks and march on Tytherion, either. It would take a miracle for us to recover, reorganize, and reequip for another battle. Miracles are what I do, but even if you assume that miracle, then you have a shining army marching on Tiamat’s lair. And when we march, Tiamat’s dispersed, distracted forces will have a common foe to unite against.

You see where I’m leading this?

I ask you to do what my army cannot—what I myself cannot. Meet my agent in Tytherion, travel to Tiamat’s Lair, and slay her utterly. Her stronghold is being looted by her own rapacious dragons, and you should have little difficulty assailing what would otherwise be an impregnable fortress. Carve your way through what remains of Tiamat’s guards however you must. Slay her on the spot—and let her know that the world will be better off for her demise.

Scales of War

Test of Fire

In a last-ditch effort to win its campaign against the forces of good, half of Tiamat’s remaining army has been sent to hold her final redoubt in the planes— the legendary City of Brass. By virtue of foul rituals and dark pacts undertaken with Bashumgarda, the Lord of the Efreets, the Dragon Queen has bolstered her draconic servants with elemental power that may yet turn the tide of war in her favor. The heroes must infiltrate this stronghold and win the alliance of a formidable efreet noble before squaring off against the blue exarch of Tiamat in a city under siege.

Coming to the end, encounter with the Efreet Traitor, Bashumgarda coming up!!


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