2nd Session (9-30)

The Group Meets Berath—ghostly faithful paladin of Bahamut.
And Theel—ebon-scaled Yuan-ti contact.

Between the 2 insiders—the group gets the skinny on what to expect inside Tiamat’s inner sanctum.

However, they run into a “Slight” problem just inside…..

Fountain Chamber—while arguing over how best to cut off the MultiHeaded DragonEye Disintigrators, the group is attacked by yet another Exarch of Tiamat (how the heck many DOES she have running around?), a wraith and most importantly…THE SHARD OF ANNIHILATION!!!

Which confounded and troubled the group for a bit before they finally figured out how to stop it…taking a not insignificant amount of damage in doing so. And they were then able to focus on the wraith and Dragon—taking them out.

And then deciding, based on THIS reception, that splitting up to take out the five tunnels was perhaps NOT a good idea!! (as Urd and Zolar had been saying all along!)



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