First session

as the group prepares to leave, a yeti presses a note into Anastriana’s hand:

Dear Liberators of Bahamut,
Even those who do not march under Bahamut’s flag
support you in your future aims. Should you meet a
solitary black figure in your upcoming journey, uttering
the word “Chuhirimasté” will earn you friendship and aid
along the way.
—An Ally of Convenience

Upon arriving in Tytherion, you can see for yourselves the utter chaos that reigns.

You barely have time to look around when you are beset by 4 large Floating ships crewed by dragonborn.
The Azharul Dominion Ships take a bit of getting used to and a bit more to chew through but Zolar, Aragon, Anastriana and Urd manage. You then wait a bit for some of the others to show up…



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