Next Few Sessions--October

Holy Crap!

The Group is Finally figuring out that this is NOT EASY!!

Each encounter with a Brood Mother is difficult and almost takes everything they have.

They have only Taken out Red, while White almost TPK’d the group.
Dorin and Urd are the only ones left standing. They manage to get out, dragging the corpses and unconscious with them.
The combination of the Spitters and White Mother’s Terrain changing Aura hit the party like an Iceburg on the Titanic!!!

Many prayers, promises and deals with various deities are made/offered.
With a LOT of aid from Bahamut—the party is ready to go at it again.
Wiser and geared with enough components to cast the renewing rituals between a couple of the encounters, the adventurers set off to finish Tiamat or themselves.


Also their faithful paladin Aragorn was not there to save their asses… sorry guys.

Next Few Sessions--October

yeah were nothing with THE Aragorn

He is truly #1

Next Few Sessions--October

I wish this was like facebook So i could LIKE your status Garrett

Next Few Sessions--October

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