Kensei Swordsman

Kensei Swordsman

My sword is an extension of myself—and we will never stop. Ossu!

Prerequisite: 31st level, Kensei

Legendary: You continue your swordcraft, improving it and your body to levels that are truly legendary!! These are warriors who train with the sword from a young age in order to master a graceful and deadly form of combat and literally become one with their blade.

Kensei Swordsman Features

Razor Strike (31st Level)
You cause ongoing 10 Damage (Bleed) when you use a Daily Martial Power.

Aerial Combat (34th level): Lose Clumsy, Gain Hover
Gain Flyby Attack: (while in Flight) You fly your speed and make 3 attacks against 3 different creatures, at any point during that movement. You do not provoke opportunity attacks when moving away from the targets of the attacks.

Break the Limit (40th Level)
Once/Day: Immediately upon dropping, heal back to MAX as if spending healing surges and Regain the use of 1 Daily and 1 Utility (determined randomly).
Kensei Swordsman Utility 36 CounterAttack
Pouring your power into the blade you dodge effortlessly and strike your opponent with great force

Daily Melee 1
Immediate Reaction
Trigger: Attacker hits you with a melee attack
Effect: You make the target miss
Target: Triggering Enemy
Str vs AC:You deal 2W and you shift behind the attacker.

Created October 2011—Technically Homebrew

Kensei Swordsman

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