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This is a Forgotten Realms campaign that was started long ago…and has had many players filter through over the years. I have NPCs that are 20 years old!! Some are former players but some have been NPCs since the beginning.

Currently we are playing in 4E but have run into the Level 31 Wall….
So we decided to continue, making our own powers and paths…this wiki will be our posting of accepted powers/paths for OUR campaign.

Legendary Path

We are calling the next Tier Legendary. And we will be focusing on what happens to the Characters AFTER they gain Immortality.
*What is left to play for?
*What do their goals become?
*Who challenges those goals?

These players should have some power…be able to avoid attacks/effects from mere mortals and generally be larger than life…to that end I have come up with a LEGENDARY POINT System.
Which all players get at 31st level. It allows them to to cheat the odds, pull a rabbit out of their bag of holding, etc. More effects will be added as time goes on.
Legendary Power Points

At this level, I am assuming that the player characters still have ties to the world of Faerun and its denizens…they are starting to be players in the big picture as well.

They will begin to see more and more of what is behind the planar curtain…and the powers that effect those who still live on Faerun. Becoming the powers that shape the destinies of mortals!!

Leveling Chart

Character Advancement Tree

Legendary Paths Already Approved

Kensei Swordsman A continuation of the Kensei Path
Legendary Champion A continuation of the Reincarnate Champion
Sword Of Death Legendary Path A Continuation of the Exalted Angel—Raven Queen Exclusive
Selune’s Blessed A clerical Path for devotees of Selune
Master of Storms An Elemental Path for Sorcerers

Additional Powers

Barbarian Powers
Fighter Powers
Paladin Prayers
Rogue Powers

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