Master of Storms

Master/Mistress of Storms

I’m thunder, I’m lightning, Keep your distance from me.

Prerequisite: 31st level, any arcane class

Legendary: Your focus on the power of the Storm has given you quite the reputation. You toss increasingly larger and larger bolts around like sticks. You are dialed in to a storm’s power like you were born to it.

Mistress of Storms Features

Storm Aura (31st Level) (Lightning/Thunder)
The very Air around you crackles like a Summer Storm
Aura 5; Enemies that ENTER the aura take 10 Lightning Damage. Enemies that START their turn in the aura take 10 Thunder Damage and are pushed 3 Squares.

Storming Revival (34th level): The first time each day you start turn dying or dead, you revive. You regain full hit points, and each enemy within 5 squares of you take 4d10 plus Cha mod lighting/thunder damage and is pushed 3 squares.

One with the Storm (40th Level)
You gain Absorb Lighting 50% and Absorb Thunder 50%

Glossary—Absorb: Anytime you would be dealt the type of damage described you take nothing but you heal a percentage of the damage you would be dealt.
Mistress of Storms Utility 36 Deadly Lightning

Encounter – Utility
Minor Action
Range: Personal

Effect: Until the end of your next turn whenever you deal lightning damage and you roll the maximum result on any damage die, roll that die again and add the additional result to the damage total. If a re-roll results in another maximum damage result, roll it again and keep adding. Re-Roll Ones.

Created October 2011—Technically Homebrew

Master of Storms

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