Selune's Blessed

Selune’s Blessed Legendary Path

The essence of a goddess awakens when night falls, an orb of purest silk silver, watches over all.

Prerequisite: 31st level, Cleric Class—Must Worship Selune

You have dedicated yourself to Selune, and she has rewarded you.


Selune’s Guidance (31st level):
Gain plus 2 Str, Cha and Wis

Path of the Moon (34th Level):
You can walk through air like the moon passing overhead.
You Gain Fly Clumsy 6

Moon’s Unhindered Travels (40th level): Flight: Drop Clumsy and add Hover.
You ignore Difficult Terrain, Slippery Surfaces and the Slowed Condition.
You now treat Immobilized as Slowed.
Selune’s Protection——-Selune’s Blessed Utility 36

Encounter Divine
Minor Action, Close Burst 10
Target: You and Allies in Burst.
Effect: Targets Gain +4 to All Defenses until the End of the Encounter.

Oct. 2011—Ubers Campaign Homebrew

Selune's Blessed

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